Coconut Lime Lip Balm


Bring a bit of the tropics to your lips with coconut lime lip balm. Sweet coconut and bright lime will surely make you feel like you’re living the island life.

We double down the coconut flavor with coconut oil and CO2 for the ultimate tropical experience.  A little blast of lime rounds out the mix to deliver a delightful blend. Our blend of oils and shea butter keep your lips moisturized for whatever summer adventure you have in front of you.

Additional information

Weight .3 oz
Dimensions 2.5 × .5 × .5 in


Coconut Oil*, Herb Infused Oil (Avocado oil*, Calendula*, Chamomile*), Beeswax, Shea Butter*, Jojoba Oil*, Vitamin E Oil*, Lime Essential Oil, Coconut CO2.

*Organic Ingredient

How to Use

How to use

Apply to lips when they feel dry, need protection or just when you want to enjoy the flavor of your favorite balm.

Shelf Life

We make our products in small batches, so they don’t sit around forever. That being said, lip balms are best used within six months of purchase (this stuff is good, you’ll use it up!) We don’t use toxic preservatives that make things last forever.


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