Bum Butter


Infused with beneficial and anti-microbial botanicals, Bum Butter diaper rash salve is a loose salve that works great to prevent and help heal diaper rash and any other rashy spots in all those cracks and creases.

We use all organic herbs, organic oils, and beeswax that are safe and effective for baby’s sensitive skin. Calendula, Marshmallow, Lavender, and chickweed infused olive oil, help to heal and soothe irritated skin. We intentionally made this salve a bit loose, to make it easier to apply to a wiggly baby. It is great for diaper rash and can also be used on other rashy spots that need soothing.


Ingredients: Herb Infused Oil* (Olive Oil*, Calendula*, Lavender*, Marshmallow*, Chickweed*), Beeswax*.
*Organic Ingredient

How to Use and Recycle

How to use
Apply to rashes caused by diaper rash or chubby creases to help soothe and heal irritated rashy skin. This salve is safe to use with cloth diapers. Always test a small amount on clean skin to make sure no irritation occurs and do not use it on open sores. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. Store in a cool dry environment for best results.


This salve is is packaged in a classy frosted glass jar with a PP lid (#5), everything but the liner and label  is recyclable. Clean the jar with warm soapy water and for best results, put the jar and lid in the dishwasher. Re-use the glass jar, or remove the label and toss in the recycling.

Shelf Life

We make our products in small batches, so they don’t sit around forever. That being said, butters are best used within 12 months of purchase (this stuff is good, you’ll use it up!) We don’t use toxic preservatives that make things last forever.


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