When Your New Year is a Little Too Happy

Some people will be spending New Year’s Eve drinking cocoa by the fire and sharing resolutions with their loved ones. Others will be… well, dancing near the firepit and breaking resolutions while they still can. You probably know which description fits you best. If you are in the second category or even somewhere in between, it’s a good idea to have a plan to guard your well-being.

You probably know when you are drinking alcohol you should be eating plenty and drinking lots of fluids. This is gramma’s truth, so don’t skip it! In the Leelo Rose family everyone frome babies to great grandparents kick it up on the dance floor. For some of us it’s the only way we are going to stay awake until midnight! But add that to the mix and you will be ever so dehydrated.  You may not know you are dehydrated, so just trust me on this one. If you are so happy that you forget to drink water while you party, try to catch up as the night goes on.  One little trick is to drink hard seltzers as your party drink, for hydration and alcohol all in one (but still drink water!)

We love herbs, so here are a few favorites you can add to your New Year’s Eve regimen; milk thistle, bhumyamalaki, turmeric, guduchi, barberry, and amalaki. All but milk thistle are Ayurvedic classic herbs.These herbs are on the top shelf for loving your liver and supporting your body. We encapsulate 3-4 herbs together and take 1-2 capsules before or during the night’s events. You could also drink the herbs in tea, but they probably won’t taste too good. Speaking of taste, you may notice that all these herbs have a bitter taste. Bitter= good for liver.  Yea! They are good for your liver, and several of them are being studied for their incredible ability to protect it from the stresses of alcohol. Check out bhumyamalaki in particular! We get our Ayurvedic herbs from Banyan Botanicals, as we trust their safety and integrity.

While good strategies will not prevent all the consequences of heavy drinking, they may help to support you through indulging in spirits.  As always, consult a health professional if you have any health conditions or are on any medications, or are pregnant or breastfeeding. Herbs can have side effects or interactions. Bottom line, have a very happy and safe New Year!